Data Power and People Power: That’s a Powerful Combo

Here’s an overview of how we measurably improve care outcomes, and lower overall cost of care and financial risk for our clients, while improving revenue growth for physician partners in our programs -- it’s a rare mix of data-powered clinical expertise and a patient-focused, customer service orientation.


We provide subject matter expertise in the areas of information technology, clinical effectiveness, healthcare operations, underwriting, and value based pricing to best assess how our products and services can complement or enhance your value proposition.


After configuration our solution is tested in a sandbox environment to ensure a successful transition, and then implemented in your environment. We require 80% less involvement from your IT team through the configuration and implementation phase.


We operate on an 80% completed platform, leaving 20% to be configured to your business model. This results in a lower cost solution compared to the traditional model of retro-fitting a 100% complete software to meet some, but not all of your needs.

Align Incentives

We offer risk-based pricing to align incentives with our customers. Upon implementation we structure our fees to mirror your growth, while giving you economies of scale.