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Healthmap Solutions (Healthmap) is a NCQA-accredited industry leading kidney population health management company. Healthmap uses big data resources, integrated advanced technology, clinical expertise, and complex care management to improve the lives of people living with kidney disease. Healthmap also helps healthcare providers and payers achieve the value-based results they need. Our company is a diverse and growing organization committed to our clients and our employees. We are champions for better health, for those who need us most.

As an organization, Healthmap truly believes that we are only as good as our employees.  We take interest in our employees and their success within the company.  We have a fast-paced environment with a culture focused on collaboration.  Healthmap employees receive competitive benefits, development training, access to multiple resources and the time required that is dedicated to their success.

Healthmap employees receive a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Vacation packages
  • Advanced learning assistance
  • 401K

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Care Services

A network of Healthmap professionals working together to create the best patient outcomes based on their experience in clinical and psychosocial settings.  Our team of internal and external subject matter experts have extensive knowledge in chronic conditions, co-morbid conditions, behavioral health, substance abuse, and community resources.  Our goal is to help guide patients to smarter care at all stages of chronic kidney disease.

Provider Relationship Managers

Serve as liaisons between Healthmap Solutions and physician practices, by providing initial orientation to Kidney Health Management, ensure providers have essential information, and deliver continued support to physician practices and internal teams.

Care Navigation

A multidisciplinary team comprised of nurses, mental health professionals, social service professionals, and coordinators who work telephonically using a patient centric approach to address barriers, gaps, and opportunities impacting individual health.  Collaborating with providers, external clinicians, community and social service agencies, Care Navigators improve outcomes by focusing on healthy behaviors, reducing stress, reconciling medications, comorbidities, mental health, and socioeconomic barriers.

The Clinical Quality Department is responsible for ensuring the quality of Healthmap Solutions’ clinical programs and internal processes.  This department is responsible for assisting in obtaining and maintaining industry certifications.

What We Do

Ensure the clinical validity of Healthmap Solutions’ products and services and provide input into new functionality and materials for Healthmap Solutions’ clinical programs.

Team Objectives

  • Guide discussions with the Scientific Advisory Board, ensuring Healthmap’s care recommendations are consistent with best practices and standard of care
  • Through application of evidence-based guidelines, the Clinical Quality team creates clinical algorithms used for the identification and treatment of chronically ill individuals
  • Oversight of the company’s day-to-day quality control and quality assurance activities, as well as performance of periodic comprehensive quality reviews
  • Maintain validity of clinical programs by providing pre-deployment testing, review and approval
  • Oversees company-wide policies and procedures efforts and assists in the acquisition of third-party accreditation and compliance with privacy laws

What We Do

  • Collect, filter, and investigate data to find the most efficient solutions for any assignments
  • Put analysis into a format that is easiest to digest
  • Create programs that help target populations in terms of cost and quality of health
  • Solve business-related problems using data-driven techniques
  • Translate ideas into new ways to benefit the company, clients, providers and patients

Team Objectives

  • Collaborate with all levels of Healthmap Solutions to analyze and adapt data to the audience
  • Align projects with company goals and work toward the “big picture”
  • Create valid models for predicting patients’ future cost and/or quality of health, based on internal or external customers’ requests

A team of problem solvers using the latest open source technologies in order to leverage vast amounts of medical data to ensure Healthmap Solutions stays at the forefront of the healthcare technology landscape.  Team members follow best practices concerning coding standards, security and performance management while delivering highly scalable role based applications for a large scale audience.  The IT team maintains internal company applications that assist customers to improve their health.

Team Objectives

  • Data Architecture: Collect and maintain maximum data for a given population while practicing security guidelines to maintain HIPAA Policies
  • Desktop/Network Support: Create a secure and flexible network and a secure and flexible environment while preventing and identifying malicious threats against the organization
  • Middleware: Transfer data in and out of the organization in the most efficient, scalable, and secure way possible, while also building re-usability into each application
  • User Interface: Create and maintain role based application that is both secure and flexible to meet the goals of both our internal and external clients

What We Do

Fulfill Healthmap Solutions’ strategy in the daily functions we perform and to provide the foundation for consistent success in external and internal facing tasks

Team Objectives

  • Deliver successful projects: Facilitate collaboration across multi-functional teams to document requirements and artifacts, inventory assumptions, assess risk and create milestones’ schedule
  • Cultivate positive business relationships with client accounts: Through reporting pertinent information, communicating status of deliverables and creating opportunities within the account
  • Provide trainings for key processes and tasks: Identify opportunities to develop knowledgeable and concise trainings to assist high performing Healthmap Solutions teams