Healthmap is what happens when big data muscle meets compassionate clinical experts making a difference for patients who need us most

Healthmap is a specialty health management company focused on progressive diseases, with a particular expertise in kidney health populations. Health plans such as Medicare Advantage, as well as accountable care organizations (ACOs) and provider groups turn to Healthmap’s value-based solutions to improve the clinical and financial performance for high-risk, high-cost populations.

  • Our Roots: We have a rich history forged in data and analytics, having begun as a healthcare data clearing house, adding robust healthcare analytics expertise, and today we use that experience to power complex specialty health management programs with our clinical experts.
  • How Healthmap Does It: We combine high-powered predictive analytics, care management expertise, and direct patient support in collaboration with providers. The Healthmap suite of value-based solutions includes risk-based Medical Cost Management, Quality Reporting/Close Care Gaps, and Risk Adjustment/Revenue Optimization.
  • Healthmap Results: We measurably improve care outcomes for patients, lower overall cost of care and financial risk for our clients, and improve revenue growth for physician partners in our programs.
  • Pricing: Healthmap’s flexible pricing structure is built around our clients’ business objectives, with risk arrangements on care management programs, and PMPM-based pricing that scales based on volume for information management services.